Eddie Gale Music Memorial Livestream

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YouTube Livestream Recording

With the Ascension of our dear friend, mentor, collaborator and inspiration Eddie Gale, and in this time of social distancing, we are seeking new ways to gather and express our feelings about this moment - a way for musicians to share words and sounds in appreciation of Eddie's life and spirit. We have created this collaborative online musical memorial as a way to come together and celebrate Eddie Gale's life, music and spirit. This event will be hosted by Clifford Brown, Jr and livestreamed from Doug Ellington's music performance space in Oakland, California. The event will be a combination of livestreamed performances and pre-recorded musical videos contributed by a wide range of musicians.

Participants in alphabetical order: India Cooke, Bill Crossman, Andrew Currier, Andre Custodio, Doug Ellington, Karl Evangelista & Grex, Kathleen Farrell & Chuck Cunningham, Karlton Hester, Diem Jones, Dennis Kyne, David Leikam, Eric Marshall, Valerie Mih, Hafez Modirzadeh, Destiny Muhammad, Sandra Poindexter, David Slusser, Len Wood